SAP Integrated Business Planning | Sales & Operations Planning

What is S&OP?

Sales and Operations Planning is a monthly management process that ensures the company is aligned and engaged in efforts the management team collectively deems priorities of the business.

This process is led by senior management that evaluates and revises time-phased projections for demand, supply, product and portfolio changes, strategic projects, and the resulting financial plans over mid- to long-term planning horizons.

Problems arise when organizations have difficulty planning across the organization effectively. Different departments have disparate data sources, perspectives, and disconnected processes. In some cases, there is no ability to simulate or understand the long-term impact of decisions. Consequences of a poor S&OP planning process include falling short of operational goals, losing market share, or missing growth opportunities. Don’t let an ineffective S&OP process hold you back.

With IBP for S&OP Planning, your organization can deliver a powerful cross-departmental sales and operations plan effectively balancing demand and supply while attaining financial targets.


IBP for S&OP Business Benefits:

Drive revenue growth and
increase market share

Balance supply and demand
and attain financial targets

Increase speed and
agility of planning

Improve forecast accuracy
and delivery to customers

IBP for S&OP Features:

Unified planning environment

Employ a single data model across key stakeholders to support planning across entire organization

Real-time planning & simulation tools

Utilize simulation modeling to test assumptions and the related impact


Process tracking & management

Organize all relevant people, documents, action items, decisions, alerts, and more


Advanced analytics & reporting

Compare scenarios, monitor KPIs, and track trends across the organization in real-time


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