SAP Integrated Business Planning | Inventory Optimization

Among many other factors, rising customer expectations, demand volatility, and supply variability are creating new complexities and challenges for supply chains when it comes to inventory management.

If you do not have enough inventory, you are not meeting customer service levels and you are leaving sales on the table. If you have too much inventory, you are not effectively managing your working capital investment. The inventory problem is not just about quantity either. If you have the right amount of inventory but at the wrong location, that creative chaos for supply chain planners and hinders on-time deliver to customers.

The ever-present challenge: eliminate excess inventory while improving customer service at the same time. IBP for Inventory allows you to achieve that right balance between service levels and investment in inventory.

Fix the mix of inventory and translate millions of dollars of working capital into cash with IBP for Inventory!

IBP for Inventory Business Benefits:

10% Improved customer
service levels

30% Improved planner

15-25% Reduction in
working capital outlay

Decrease production
and distribution costs

IBP for Inventory features:

Multi-stage inventory optimization

Use less inventory to buffer more risk across every point of your supply chain (manufacturing, distribution, etc.)


Focus planners on problems before they arise while identifying opportunities for improving the inventory planning process

Embedded analytics

Have complete visibility into your entire supply chain network and quickly gain insights into what is driving inventory

What-if analysis

Run simulations to see how suggested target inventory levels are impacted by changes to inventory drivers

Inventory Expertise: The WCS Difference

WCS Consulting is uniquely positioned as inventory experts in the marketplace. Our founders, leadership, and team are the most experienced IBP Inventory professionals in the field. Our heritage is founded by the legacy SmartOps organization, which is the backbone of the Inventory Planning module of SAP Integrated Business Planning.

The experience and expertise we have in inventory optimization enables us to lead our customers in generating business results faster than anyone else. Since of inception in 2014, we have removed over $600M from inventory for our customers while maintaining or improving customer service.

Read more about our Inventory Assessment process, where we take your actual data and in 2-3 weeks we identify opportunities for dramatic inventory reduction. Our customers achieve an average of 15% reduction in inventory which translates into tens or evens hundreds of millions of dollars. Start your transformation journey with us today.

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