Inventory Assessments

Identify Dramatic Inventory Reduction Opportunities

The inventory balance problem is a tale as old as time. If you don’t have enough inventory, you aren’t meeting customer service levels and you’re leaving sales on the table. If you have too much inventory, you aren’t affectively managing your working capital investment. If you have the right inventory at the wrong location, that creates a lot of unnecessary, chaotic work for planners.

We at WCS help you fix the mix and optimize inventory to achieve more sales and transform millions of dollars in inventory into cash.

WCS Consulting is uniquely positioned as inventory experts in the marketplace. Our founders, leadership, and team are the most experienced IBP Inventory professionals in the field. Our heritage is founded by the legacy SmartOps organization, which is the backbone of the Inventory Planning module of SAP Integrated Business Planning.

Our customers have achieved an average of 15% reduction in inventory levels which translates into tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.


The Inventory Assessment Process:

As part of this process, we analyze supply chain variability and determine operational inventory levels for a subset of the business that meets corporate service level objectives.  We compare optimized inventory targets to current inventory levels to determine the working capital reduction opportunities. Then, the sensitivity of the inventory levels is tested based upon different customer service levels.

From there, WCS performs the following activities:

  1. Analyze forecast, orders, lead times & supply information to determine variability within the supply network
  2. Build an inventory optimization model that will recommend inventory levels that support service level goals
  3. Compare Recommended Inventory Levels against current inventory and safety stock level
  4. Determine potential value for adjusting the mix of inventory to increase service and/or reduce working capital
  5. Produce a detailed Business Case and Report on Areas for Improvement

In a matter of a few weeks, you will gain an understanding of your potential savings and inventory optimization improvements.

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