SAP Integrated Business Planning | Demand Planning

IBP for Demand is an end-to-end demand planning engine that delivers more accurate demand plans for better planning and execution processes.

Statistical models allow you to develop accurate mid-term forecasts while demand sensing allows you to react to those near-term demand changes that frequently occur. IBP provides a unified platform to collaborate between groups (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Finance and Supply Chain) to add business intelligence to the forecast for the most accurate forecast possible.  

All of this allows you to ensure that you are reacting to changes in demand and deploying product to the right place to satisfy that demand.

Create more accurate demand plans with advanced demanding sensing techniques and predictive analytics alongside traditional demand planning techniques with IBP for Demand Planning


IBP for Demand Planning Business Benefits:

Generate more
accurate forecasts

Drive dramatic
inventory reduction

Deploy products
more effectively

Better understand bias
in your demand forecast

IBP for Demand features:

Rich statistical models

Time-series, regression, and machine learning-based forecasting methods 

Exception management

Alert planners on problems and identify opportunities for improving forecast accuracy 

What-if analysis

Fast and simple scenario simulation with complete view on potential impacts

Product lifecycle management

Seamlessly forecast for new product introductions, end of life products, and product replacements 


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