WCS provides supply chain, procurement and performance management services designed to solve complex operational and execution problems. Since our inception we have helped companies release over $250m+ from inventory to cash, increased on-time delivery to customers and implemented solutions that enable collaborative supply chains to run more effectively.

How Did Allergan Transform its Supply Chain?

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"I have worked with the WCS team now for several years. They have been pivotal in helping me create both the vision and support for driving end-to-end supply chain improvements. They not only helped flesh out the strategy and implementation plan but stood shoulder to shoulder with my team through execution. At the end of the day, WCS felt more like work colleagues than external consultants, and carried the same passion for ensuring success."

Wayne Swanton, SVP Global Operations
Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Global Demand Planning - $15B+ Growth Pharmaceutical Company Serving over 100 Markets

A global $15B+ growth pharma company with a broad product portfolio serving over 100 countries purchased the SAP Integrated Business Planning suite of software. WCS was retained as the implementation partner for the global IBP rollout. Phase I included new forecasting processes, solution deployment and change management. The first phase included forecasting and demand planning for all direct markets. The program went live in 7 months, has helped increase forecasting accuracy and increased visibility to global demand/supply balance across 13K products in 80 markets around the world.

Demand Forecasting - $2B+ Pharmaceutical Company

Our client produces both Generic and Branded pharmaceuticals and has a large portfolio of generics in its drug pipeline. The company wanted to improve its forecasting processes, especially for planning new product introductions and for potential price fluctuations caused by increased competition at the time of product release. Using the SAP IBP platform, WCS created a forecasting system that pulls in external market data and, based upon the number of competitors in the marketplace, predicts market share and pricing levels over a five-year horizon.

Forecasting, Inventory Planning and Replenishment - $50B+ Wholesale Distribution Company

Our client is one of the largest wholesale distribution companies in the world. WCS was retained to help deploy a forecasting, inventory planning and replenishment process utilizing SAP’s Integrated Business Planning platform. The solution manages a network of more than 30+ distribution centers and uses statistical forecasting to revise the forecast weekly, create time-phased inventory targets and automatically create daily stock transfer orders from FDCs to DCs and weekly purchase orders from DCs to suppliers. The solution has helped improve on-time delivery and reduce excess inventory within the network.

Inventory Optimization - $8B Pharmaceutical Manufacturer of Branded/Generic Drugs

WCS was engaged by one of the largest generic drug manufacturers to review its inventory planning processes in North America. WCS implemented SAP’s inventory optimization solution and reduced inventory by more than $100m, a 16% reduction over 15 months. As part of the program, new MRP procedures were implemented, bulk inventory strategies deployed and supplier management metrics developed. Analytics were created to show variability across the supply chain, and, as the basic planning processes improved, inventory was released to cash.

Inventory Optimization - $50B Electronics Manufacturer

WCS consultants have a long history of inventory optimization solutions and deep expertise with SmartOps and now SAP IBP Inventory. Often, WCS consultants are called in to assist with implementations when the client doesn’t trust or doesn’t understand the optimization results. We worked with this client to streamline some of the model assumptions, correctly set the demand analytics parameters and create a deployment and test plan that would get the model in operation. We have continued to provide advice and to help them roll out the solution to all the third-party manufacturing suppliers, thus enabling them to improve service and reposition inventory for maximum responsiveness to customer demand.

Sales and Operations Planning – Multiple Clients Across Industries

WCS has created an S&OP template within SAP's IBP platform of more than 100+ predefined metrics that address the specific needs of semiconductor, high tech, pharmaceutical and wholesale distribution companies. Most companies, even today, run their S&OP process on Excel and Powerpoint. Preparation for the meetings is time consuming and often the data inaccurate and out of date.

WCS has multiple clients across industries where we have deployed the S&OP template to track everything from on-time deliveries to supplier performance. Metrics are balanced between scorekeeping (historical metrics) and projecting business performance to identify risks and opportunities. These deployments have seen faster problem identification and decision making to enable increased revenue and reduced cost. Ask us for specific examples for your industry!

Inventory and Supply Network Planning - $2B+ Medical Device Company

Our client operates a network of internal and external third-party manufacturers, with products built in over 15 locations. WCS was engaged to implement an inventory planning and supply network optimization solution to synchronize the activities of these plants, plan short- and long-term capacity and deploy inventory strategies to achieve 99% service levels and rapid response to changing market demands. The solution was deployed in 5 months and synchronizes all network activity on a weekly basis.

Factory Planning and Scheduling - $10B+ Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Our client owns a network of 10 manufacturing plants that produce different types of pharmaceuticals: solid oral doses, injectables, unit- and multi-dose liquids, gels and creams. The project objective was to deploy a finite scheduling tool that creates a material- and capacity- constrained plan. This plan is used in three different processes: (1) long-term constraint-based planning over 2 years, (2) short-term constraint-based planning to prioritize global market demands over the 6-month horizon and (3) a finite schedule that the manufacturing floor can execute against.

Product Segmentation and Managing Market Information - $8B+ Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Most pharmaceutical companies subscribe to market share data that shows shipments to distributors and all the prescriptions filled each week by drug. This is a massive amount of data, over 10 million rows weekly, and the way manufacturers were able to interact with this data needed improvement. WCS’s technical team worked to automate the movement of the data and to create a database that would allow the customer to track the number of competitors and the market share and to rank the products by importance. The ranking of the products was used to define inventory strategy and manufacturing priority. This project reduced the time to create standard market share reports from weeks down to minutes.