SAP Integrated Business Planning | Control Tower

How can you manage what you cannot see?

How do you project what critical KPI levels will be at the end of the year?

Where in your supply chain are you likely to face future problems?

Often times, supply chain data is siloed and analytical insights lack consistent visibility. This leads to delays in identifying and reacting to problems in your supply chain as they arise. Equip your supply chain with proactivity and resiliency while utilizing endless reporting capabilities at your fingertips with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower.

With SAP IBP Control Tower, you can monitor, measure, and respond to supply chain alerts in real-time.

IBP Control Tower Business Benefits:

Improve on-time
delivery performance

Increase supply chain
agility and resiliency

15-25% reduction in
working capital outlay

Avoid costly "fire-fighting"

IBP Control Tower Key Features:

Global transparency across your supply chain

Obtain a “single source of truth” for data and establish performance goals that are tracked and visible to all supply chain stakeholders 

Sophisticated alert management

Quickly identify issues with custom alerts providing additional context and priority

Efficient case management

Collect relevant information and collaborate to efficiently resolve any issues


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