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Digital Supply Chain Transformation in the Life Science Industry

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Increasing customer expectations and performance standards are creating new challenges and fulfillment journeys for the Life Science industry. Spreadsheets and isolated legacy systems are no longer adequate for responsive planning and the ability to evaluate scenarios on the fly. Inventory may need to be positioned differently; historical forecasting methods may not be as relevant; aligning supply to demand in dynamic global conditions is increasingly difficult. In meeting today’s rising standards, Life Science supply chains need tools that allow for advanced planning, collaboration, and visibility.

Explore the strategies, tools, and benefits of optimized sales and operations planning in our 30-minute presentation that will also highlight the stories of Life Science supply chains realizing improved planning responsiveness and service levels in their operations.

As an SAP premier partner, WCS Consulting has helped Life Science companies deliver over $250M in supply chain benefits through collaborative and responsive processes enabled by SAP’s Integrated Business Planning solution. WCS takes solutions further with our proprietary algorithms and technologies to deliver best-in-class performance.

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Key Topics:

  • Trends and landscape of Life Science industry
  • How optimized S&OP benefits your business
  • Understanding and addresssing supply and demand uncertainty
  • Life Science success stories and WCS methodology

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